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Hallelujah! Fat Tire Beer Finally Arrives in NYC

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New Belgium Brewing has been cranking out heady beers in Colorado since 1991, but the company has taken the slow approach to its national distribution. For the first decade or so of New Belgium's existence, its products were only available in Colorado and in surrounding states. Then it arrived in most states west of the Mississippi River, California, parts of the southeast, and is now sold in 26 states. But never New York. Until now. Functional Beer noticed that an announcement for BLT Bar and Grill at the new W Hotel would be selling Fat Tire, New Belgium's most famous beer, when they open next week. A call to the restaurant confirmed that they will in fact be selling that sweet, sweet Fat Tire. Hopefully this will lead to wider distribution and eventual retail sales, but baby steps works too! Unless this is another case of a bar violating interstate commerce laws to get good beer into New York, BLT Bar and Grill opens Tuesday.
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BLT Bar and Grill

123 Washington St, New York, NY

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