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NYU's Rent Increase Forces out 32 Year-Old Ennio & Michael

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Diner's Journal reports today that the end is drawing near for 32 year-old Greenwich Village restaurant Ennio & Michael. The restaurant, which has a following among some NYU folk and locals but doesn't make enough scratch to cover its rent, currently owes more than $200,000 to its landlord New York University. Said landlord reportedly raised the rent by 30 percent last year.

The university—which has not successfully evicted the restaurant yet but did take it to court for non-payment—claims they are charging fair or even below market rent. A rep said he hopes they can arrange for the restaurant to stay open for a couple of more months, "for a graceful exit and to say goodbye to their customers."

Ennio & Michael is an offshoot of Joe's, a Greenwch Village staple that opened in 1941 and closed in the early 90's.
· The End May Be Near for Ennio & Michael [DJ]
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Ennio & Michael

539 LaGuardia Pl., New York, NY