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Sweet Pad, Man

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2010_07_nurkhan.jpgIn a non-shocker, Kenmare and Rose Bar maven Nur Khan also lives in a ridiculous 1,800-square-foot, full floor loft in the Lower East Side for $4500 a month. That's about $3000 less than what the landlord was going to charge, owed to Khan's help in renovating the apartment. The nightlife mogul recalls hosting parties in his first NYC loft on Canal Street while working in finance and deciding to make a business out of it. His plan worked better than some other people who tried to follow the same path. Meanwhile, we hear that Khan and Paul Sevigny's relaunching of Don Hill's is just two to three weeks away, and will be kicking off with a series of huge headliners, followed by some big Fashion Week events. [NYP]

Don Hill's

511 Greenwich St, New York, NY

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