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Scott Conant Tries to Woo Toronto with Cutesy Open Letter

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After opening a Scarpetta here in New York and then in Miami, chef and TV judge Scott Conant set his sights on Canada. More specifically, Toronto. And because those Canadians may not so familiar with the chef, he's decided to turn on the charm by writing them a cutesy letter, as a way of introduction before the big debut. It begins:

Dear Toronto (or, "T-Dot", as I've learned you're affectionately called):
You don't really know me -- and that's okay. I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Scott Conant and I'm a chef.
It also includes lines like, "Just good, honest food, Toronto -- cool?" and "Miami is really beautiful, T-Dot. You should check it out sometime."

It's hokey, but hey why not? Everyone knows how New York didn't really take too kindly to Toronto chef Susur Lee and his flailing restaurant Shang. Looking forward to his letter to Vegas.
· An Open Letter to Toronto [HuffPo]


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