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Birdbath Bakery Plans Fourth Location for Tribeca

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At the end of last month, Maury Rubin of City Bakery revealed that he was pulling out of his long planned Birdbath Bakery storefront in Los Angeles and instead opening three new stores in New York. Tribeca Citizen learns that one of those locations is in Tribeca on 200 Church Street. As the paper notes, it's opening in a crowded marketplace that already includes Duane Park Patisserie, Tribeca Treats, Grandaisy, Billy’s, Takahachi Bakery, and the Bouley Studio bakery; but hey, after the East Village, West Village, and Soho, it's pretty much the next logical choice for the green, upmarket bakery. Smart money's on the Upper West or East Sides for the other two.
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Birdbath Bakery

200 Church St., New York, NY

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