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Soup Nazi Relaunches Store With Oppressive Publicity Push

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This week, the tipline has received no less than five press releases from the people at The Original Soup Man regarding today's reopening of the soup counter that was made famous on Seinfeld and spawned a to-go chain and a line of frozen foods. A messenger brought a bright yellow Original Soup Man t-shirt to the office on Friday, and last night, a tipster noticed workers frantically painting footprints outside the store. And they hired Reggie Jackson to cut the ribbon.

All this for a soup store. A soup store that has become a struggling chain that is opening on a 90 degree day in Midtown. But yes, an Eater intern will be up there to check out whatever scene there is and to sweat through five bowls of smoking hot soup. But only as a matter of hazing.
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The Original SoupMan

259A West 55th St., New York, NY