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Writing is on the Wall as Picholine Workers Threaten to Walk

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The Deathwatch Committee has had its eye on Terrance Brennan's Upper West Sider Picholine for the last year or two. But the people in the neighborhood seemed to like it okay, the food is still regarded as mostly excellent, and it slid under the DW threshold.

And now it may be too late. On the heels of a lawsuit for sister restaurant Artisanal, an unfortunate revamp for Bar Artisanal Restaurant and Tapas Bar Extravaganza, and the shuttering of Brennan's two Seattle restos, multiple tipsters report that the BOH and FOH staff did not get paid last Friday and are still without paychecks. They're gone through two pastry chefs in the last six months, and the restaurant has been contacting media outlets of late asking for advertising rates—never a good sign for a high-end, once critically acclaimed 17 year-old restaurant.

PR confirms the workers weren't paid on Friday but only because of an error with their payroll company. They said they were paid yesterday, and that it was just a glitch. Meanwhile rumors are flying that the comptroller and maitre d' are getting let go, amongst other layoffs. Employees told Eater yesterday that if they aren't paid by this Friday, they won't be there on Saturday. (Though if PR is right, this shouldn't be an issue.)

We'd admit it to the hospice it now, but it's almost cheating to deathwatch a restaurant already in such dire straights.
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35 West 64th St., New York, NY

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