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Eddie Huang Drops Final, Formula 50-Fueled Drinks Menu

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Welcome back to Haus Call, where Eater periodically checks in with BaoHaus and Xiao Ye chef/owner Eddie Huang to see what he’s up to these days.

eddiehuang.jpg At last, Eddie Huang has nailed down a final drinks menu for his new Taiwanese restaurant Xiao Ye. A month ago, Eddie penned a blog post about early test runs of the new cocktails, many of which were inspired by Tiki culture. And just last week, the Huangster told us that he wasn't going to mess around with fancy pants ingredients for the drinks list. So how does the final menu look? Pretty crazy: highlights include two person punch bowls, a number of frozen beverages, and even a cocktail that mixes 50 Cent's flavor of Vitamin Water with rum, vodka and chambord.

We've got the full menu below, and according to Huang's latest blog post, everything's going as planned with the liquor licensing, so expect an opening announcement soon.

Xiao Ye Drinks Menu:

Infused Moutai, Kaoliang, and Sochu:
All Xiao Ye Infused Liquors are made fresh on-premises using seasonal fruit we get daily in Chinatown. Our bartender has daily specials featuring the liquors as cocktails, on the rocks, and martinis.
Ginger Tequila

Frozen Drinks:
Mr Brown's - Taiwanese coffee, infused vodka, bailey's
caTASHtrophe - Hennessy Pineapple Daiquiri
Sofa King Good - Watermelon puree, rum, fresh lime juice, bubbly
Blocka Blocka Blocka -white rum, dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime

Rocks Drinks:
KTV Delight - Johnnie Walker Bubble Tea
#1 Taiwan Favorite - apple sidra, bourbon, vanilla bean
Skeeter - calpico, citrus zest, vodka
Twinkie - half lemonade, half green tea, johnnie walker, mint, boba
Purple Drank - calpico, zest, chambord, vodka
Sno Cones - any infused liquor splashed with syrup over shaved ice

Punch Bowls:
Hawaiian Punch - brandy, dark rum, that good shit
Polk High's Finest (Tang) - brandy, white rum, sprite, grand ma
Quarter Water - white rum, citrus vodka, chambord, formula 50
Sake Sangria - sake, seasonal fruits, calpico, prosecco

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