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What 18th Century Champagne Would Cost At NYC Nightclubs

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Swedish divers recently discovered 30 bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne in a ship wreck in the Baltic Sea. Experts believe the bubbly pre-dates the French Revolution, and think that these particular bottles were produced between 1782 and 1788. The divers immediately returned to the surface and popped one of the bottles, describing the Champagne as "fantastic" and making this the oldest collection of drinkable Champagne discovered in modern times. Wine experts think that these bottles could fetch about $69,000 a pop at auction. But what would these relics cost at a Manhattan nightclub, where bottle buying whales would love to drop their AMEX Black Cards for the honor of buying a piece of history?

One nightclub owner told Eater that their nightclub sold bottles of Veuve Clicquot's Demi-Sec for $2000 a pop, a a 4000% markup markup from the $40-$60 that bottle would cost you at a liquor store! Using the same formula, a bottle of the 18th century bubbly that was discovered would be sold for $2.75 million, not including the 20% gratuity and other service charges that are automatically tacked on. But Provocateur owner Mike Satsky cautions that "there would be to many factors involved to make that determination such as what ship, condition, any historical people involved." One thing that is guaranteed - that bottle would definitely come with a sparkler.
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