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Ex-Lawyer Opens Slush Truck, Continues Dude Food Trend

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This week the Kelvin Slush Truck hits the streets, peddling a variety of high-end, homemade slurpees with some premium gourmet mix ins like açaí, papaya, and prickly pear. The truck its self looks kind of like a Bisley legal file cabinet, which is fitting, because the owner and operator is actually a former lawyer, who, according to Thrillist "missed putting down slushees but didn't want to be caught carrying around a cup with superheroes or movie promos." A former barrister opening up a mobile slushie truck? It's kind of like learning that the CFO of your company is in a Jimmy Buffet cover band. Cute!

Not surprisingly, the Kelvin Truck is actually the latest in a trend of single menu item comfort food concepts from former law, finance and tech type guys, many of whom aim to recreate a cherished dish from their boyhood days:

The Butch Bakery: After losing his job as a Wall St. lawyer, David Arrick opened a 'manly' cupcakerie that offers cute little cakes with names like the 'Rum and Coke' and 'The Driller.' He only offers them via the shop's website for now, but a Manhattan brick and mortar location is in the works.

Luke's Lobster: 26 year-old Luke Holden gave up a job as a banker to open up this wildly popular sandwich shop, that utilizes his dad's close seafood trade connections to supply Manhattan with some of the best Maine Lobster around.

The Cupcake Stop: This mobile sweets truck is the brainchild of Lev Ekster who decided to open up shop after he couldn't find a job after graduating from law school in 2009.

Paulie Gee's: This new Greenpoint pizzeria is the retirement dream of professional "computer geek" and pizza enthusiast Paulie Giannone.

Wafels and Dinges: Owner Tom DeGeest was an I.B.M. management consultant before he left the corporate world to start a food truck that serves waffles slathered in ice cream and hot fudge to office workers across the city.

Mile End: Noah Bernamoff, the owner of this cultlishly adored Boerum Hill Montreal-style smoked meat shop, gave up law school to open up a restaurant that peddles the bagels and brisket he loved as a child in Canada.

Side Note: The trend of manly, single minded comfort food fetishism from corporate types even has it's own blog equivalent of sorts, the Burger of the Month Club (or BOTM), penned by a group of high-powered finance types who go around rating the city's top burgers. Of their top pick, the burger at Peter Luger, one BOTM guy wrote: "When I took the first bite, it was like a party of flavor exploded."
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· Kelvin Slush Truck [Thrillist]

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