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Shooting Death Latest Problem For Greenhouse Nightclub

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Jason Green, one of the EMT's who became famous for ignoring the pleas of a dying, pregnant woman while on his break, was shot and killed outside of Greenhouse over the weekend. The shooting occurred at 5 AM as the club shifted into "after hours mode". The club's neighbors aren't surprised by the recent violence, with one telling the NY Post that "there are problems at this place all the time. Half the time, I don't know whether to call 311 or 911." But does this shooting mean there could be trouble on the horizon for Greenhouse? The club has already dealt with one stabbing and a reputation of having racist door policies, and partner Barry Mullineaux's former club Stereo was shut down not long after a shooting took place there. Expect Greenhouse to be under additional scrutiny from the SLA and community board until things settle down.
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150 Varick St, New York, NY

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