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Pop-Tarts to Open First Ever Shop and Cafe in Times Sq.

One the one hand: who cares what gimmicky corporate restaurant/"experience" is opening in Times Square? On the other: check out what just hit the Eater inbox:

Please join us at this exclusive “behind-the-foil” opportunity the evening before doors open to the public. Help us celebrate the opening of Pop-Tarts’ first-ever retail store and experience its one-of-a-kind interactive elements, including:
- samplings from the Pop-Tarts World Café
-the Varietizer, which creates customized boxes of Pop-Tarts that feature your favorite flavors
-the Customization Station, which helps you design your very own Pop-Tarts T-shirt.
If there's one thing that could make Pop-Tarts better, it's having them served to you in a restaurant? Maybe there will be toasters within the tables, shabu-shabu style.

It opens to the public on August 10.
· Disney Overloards Shutter ESPN Zone Forever [~ENY~]

Pop-Tarts World Cafe

128 West 42nd St., New York, NY