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Signs Point to a Sadly Shuttered Relish Diner in Williamsburg

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Sad. No one at the restaurant will go on the record to confirm, but a collection of evidence found by Gothamist suggests that Relish, Williamsburg's classic railcar diner (not to be confused with Diner over on Broadway) and a bit of an institution in the area, has closed. The restaurant's site has been down for a few weeks now, Facebook pages of two employees point to an abrupt shutter, and the locals have been tweeting the rumors for a few days now.

It was a rife with hipsters but served affordable, often very good food with a laid back vibe, a large side yard and, as Gothamist notes, "without any of the attitude you find at Diner." It's unclear why the place may have closed but FreeWilliamsburg tweets, "Today was Relish's last day because of the yuppies and their hamptons vacations." And now consider it the hottest restaurant space on the market.
· Williamsburg's Great Diner/Bar Relish Closed? [Gothamist]
· @AggyDeyn [Twitter]


225 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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