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A Hardhat Tour of the Upcoming Brooklyn Winery


Brooklyn Winery, a new wine making center that sounds a lot like City Winery except that it's on North 8th near Roebling in Williamsburg, is now offering hard hat tours of the space for anyone who wants to take a peek. Roving photog Will Femia happened by over the weekend, offering the above tour.

The winery and bar will open sometime between September and October, so there's obviously much to be done in the space. But that doesn't mean it's too early to sign up for their community winemaking program and their custom barrels—endeavors they're currently trying to pitch to passersby. The bar, which was already a bar, will have wine on tap, because as a winery they can skip the whole bottle/cork situtaion and just buy in barrels from other wineries. Once open they'll serve wine from both inside and outside of the winery. Until then, check out their progress here.
· Brooklyn Winery [Official Site]

Brooklyn Winery

213 North 8th St., Brooklyn, NY