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Amato Opera to Become Giant Theater/Restaurant Combo

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The full report from last night's Community Board 3 meeting is coming up, but first a look at the most interesting agenda item.

After seeing many projects fall apart before them throughout the night, the owners of mini bar chain V Bar were able to sway the community board to support their proposal for a new bar/restaurant/theater experience in the Amato Opera space on the Bowery. The owners said the concept, which is at least a year from completion, would call for a 100-seat theater showcasing work from various theater troupes, and possibly other entertainment like magicians.

While the ground floor and basement are home to the theater space, the second-floor would house a 70-seat restaurant and bar where diners could eat and drink before or after the show. The unique nature of the proposal captured the often-skeptical community board who gave their approval for a full liquor license, so long as the venue continue to operate as a theater.
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—Thomas Garry

Amato Opera

319 Bowery, New York, NY

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