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A Handy Guide to the Personal Blogs of New York City Chefs

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A lot of New York chefs are on Twitter these days, and many of them update their restaurant's websites with news and media info, but a few actually keep straight up, old fashioned, blogs. Naturally, many of these have to do with food, but often times, they provide an interesting glimpse into their lives outside the kitchen, too. Here's a handy guide:

michaellaiskonisblog.jpgChef: Michael Laiskonis
Restaurant: Le Bernardin
Blog: Notes From the Kitchen
What's Inside: The Le Bernardin executive pastry chef blogs about his always evolving work in the kitchen, with several interesting asides about art and design. Notes From the Kitchen is not updated frequently, but it's always filled with great photos and Michael's writing has an elegant, cerebral flow.
Must Read Post:'Ergonomic.' about how incorporating shapes and lines into dishes and presentations can enhance the dining experience.

pichetblog.jpgChef: Pichet Ong
Restaurant: Spot, Village Tart
Blog: Confessions of a Sugarholic
What's Inside: Pichet's Tumblr is a mostly food porn, with the occasional pic of a man-bag he's got his eye on. It's fun to click through, as it gives an oddly charming look into his culinary adventures outside of his restaurants.
Must Read Post: Just click through the whole thing. It's a solid Tumblr.

danielangererblog.jpgChef: Daniel Angerer
Restaurant: Klee Brasserie
What's Inside: A pretty straightforward recipe blog, but a well written, enthusiastic one, from the chef who famously served cheese made from his wife's breast milk to customers at his Chelsea restaurant. Angerer blogs mostly about dishes he's making for his family, and it's updated frequently with tons of sharp, original photos.
Must Read Post: 'Mommy's Milk,' the February 6th post about making the infamous breast milk cheese.

seamusmullenblog.jpgChef: Seamus Mullen
Restaurant: Boqueria
Blog: Chef Seamus Mullen
What's Inside: Saveur quality photos of the chef butchering and preparing some serious meat. Unfortunately Mullen's Tumblr is not updated very often.
Must Read Post: N/A, but it's all solid, if you're not averse to the nitty gritty details of how your favorite meat dishes are made.

eddiehuangblog.jpgChef: Eddie Huang
Restaruant: Baohaus, Xiao Ye
Blog: Fresh Off the Boat
What's Inside: Mostly about his work as a chef and small business owner, with a few lengthy, thoughtful and totally readable takes on the restaurant world in New York in general. Eddie also likes to blog about Hip-Hop, the NBA, and affectionate observations about his staff.
Must Read Post: 'Sam....Let's Get it In at Wo Hop,' Huang's response to Sam Sifton's Dining Brief about Wo Hop.

danielmowlesblog.jpgChef: Daniel Mowles
Restaurant: Lily's
Blog: The Life of a Chef
What's Inside: A fairly personal, idiosyncratic Tumblr, with an emphasis on travel, food pics, and restaurant culture. If you want to get a glimpse into the life of a hard working young chef in New York both inside and outside of the kitchen, check it out.
Must Read Post: N/A, but the photo account of a recent Dungeness crab filled trip to California are pretty cool.

chefmateoblog.jpgChef: Rafael Mateo
Restaurant: Pata Negra
Blog: Chef Mateo Blog
What's Inside: Mostly about travel and entertaining, Mateo presents himself as something of a culinary man about town, with a love of themed dinner parties and gastro tourism.
Must Read Post:'The Big 40,' which chronicles Mateo's champagne and suckling pig-filled 40th birthday party dinner.

You Might Also like These Restaurant Tumblrs:
Bobo: Crisp design, and particularly worth a read for the coverage of the restaurant's off site events.
The Meat Hook: A loose chronicle of the offal-filled goings on at Tom Mylan's Williamsburg butcher shop.
Lure Fishbar: A tricked out Tumblr with updated food porn and notes on popular menu items at Josh Capon's SoHo fish spot.
Roberta's: A clean looking, multi-media heavy page for one of Bushwick's favorite hang outs.
Pies 'n' Thighs: Mostly details the media exposure of Sarah Buck and Co.'s Brooklyn chicken shack, plus menu updates.
Lily's Restaurant: A video-heavy blog from the restaurant inside the Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown.

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