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Neighborhood Nostalgists Not Psyched About Fedora Takeover

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Nostalgia blogger Jeremiah Moss' not so surprising reaction to the news that Joseph Leonard's Gabe Stulman is taking over the old Fedora space:

More and more, beloved icons of the city are getting their guts ripped out for revamping, given over to the wealthy, made exclusive, though the husks are kept intact for the cultural cachet they bring to the new owners, who pride themselves on their dedication to preservation, and receive praise for saving the old holes in the wall from turning into banks...To the growing list of these zombified historic haunts, we can now, sadly, add Fedora.

Fair enough, but it sounds like in this case the 90 year-old matriarch of the restaurant is tired and ready to move on. If someone new is going to take a dead restaurant over regardless, isn't it better that it's someone who wants to keep the bones? Or do the neighborhood nostalgists simply see this just as pillaging and profiteering, something operators are doing because the old fashioned look is trendy right now?
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