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On Getting Bounced Again at Rabbit in the Moon

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Late last week, a friend of Eater wrote in to say he was bounced from newish restaurant Rabbit in the Moon, reportedly because he was wearing shorts. Why a new 'gastropub' on East 8th Street has a either a dress code or a bouncer is beyond us, but okay, fine. No long pants, no service. Check out what happened when he tried to visit once again:

I approached on a Thursday evening around 9:30 with a friend and could see when the door swung open that the place wasn't quite full, and there wasn't any scrum of limos out front, either, like the last time. The bouncer looked me up and down, then he looked my date up and down, with a kind of bobble headed move on the part of his head, then grimaced and said, "We're fully committed tonight." I had pointedly put on pants, and my date was wearing a dress, so there was no question we conformed to the dress code. I just don't think he likes anyone who looks like they aren't making 100K or more. He's probably a loan officer at a bank during the daytime.
Remember, this is a place covered in fake ivy that has bangers and mash on the menu.
· No Shorts Allowed at Strange Newcomer Rabbit in the Moon [~ENY~]

Rabbit in the Moon

47 West 8th St., New York, NY