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Is Bowery Electric Planning A Second Floor Expansion?

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Is East Village Bar Baron Jesse Malin planning on adding to his ever growing empire? A concerned neighbor was told by their corner deli worker "something about a cabaret bar going in on the second floor above Bowery Electric. I don't know if it would be affiliated with that crew or if there's a separate group involved, but it sounds odd. Any word on a liquor license pending for that floor or would this be meta-speakeasy?" Well, they aren't on the docket for tonight's Community Board hearing, but Malin has been known to continuously tinker with his other bars in the hood. Or perhaps the worker was confused by the second floor work going on directly next door at William Tigertt and Taavo Somer's new restaurant. We've asked the bar for more information, but if anyone knows anything, drop it in the comments or let us know!
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Bowery Electric

327 Bowery, New York, NY

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