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Ottimo, Peter's, 213 Mexican, and More Bite the Dust

1) Flatiron: A tipster reports and Mad Park News confirms that Ottimo at 6 West 24th St. is closed with a "For Rent" sign on the metal gates: "Someone had written 'Sorry Closed' in faded blue marker on the menu window too. I never saw people in there, but the specter of the bustling construction and publicity for Eataly right next door probably tipped them over the edge." [ShutterWire]

2) Upper West Side: Multiple tipsters report that Peter's on Columbus Avenue closed at the end of June. Says one reader, "Too bad. Was a great Cheers-like place. Very few left in the W. 60s and W. 70s. I think about 10 eateries between W. 66 St. and 86 St. have so far closed this year." [ShutterWire]

3) Greenwich Village: A reader notices something fishy going on at the Qdoba on 6th Avenue near 8th St. All was dark inside yesterday and the phones are disconnected. However, everything inside is still in tact. [ShutterWire]

4) Carroll Gardens: Brownstoner reports that Marius Cafe on the corner of Henry and Union is closed until September, not a great sign for a restaurant that has seen trouble in the past. [Brownstoner]

5) Cobble Hill: Meanwhile, Pardon Me for Asking notices that 213 Mexican on Smith Street is all papered up. [PMFA]


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