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The Scene Today at the Newly Opened Shake Shack Midtown

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[Jessica Lin]

As some readers may have heard, Shake Shack Midtown officially opened to the public today just before 11 AM. And yes, there is already a line out the door. Luckily, the people on staff are handing out custard samples to those willing to brave the heat, and the wait, for a Shack Burger and a concrete in he Theater District.

As for the space itself, it's the same general theme as its three siblings but with a few menu items named for the nabe, old school theater district light fixtures, and communal tables made with wood sourced from a Brooklyn bowling alley. It's open seven days a week from 11 AM - midnight.

Send all early reports on the place to the tipline.
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Shake Shack - Theater District

691 8th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036 (646) 435-0135 Visit Website

Shake Shack Midtown

691 8th Ave., New York, NY