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Chefs, Food Types, Sweaty New Yorkers Descend on Meatopia

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Yesterday, Josh Ozersky launched the first public edition of Meatopia, a once private and self-indulgent birthday party now transformed into a major and successful public event. Over 30 restaurants offered tastings, a couple thousand civilians piled onto the Governors Island ferry to try the thing out, and much sweaty fun was had by all. Eater National will have a full run down of the event by our friends over at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, but in sum there were positives (great food, fun location, excellent line up of chefs, Sue Torres' duck tacos) and negatives (some insanely BABBQ-style long lines, some small portions given the price). For those who care about these kinds of things, they also gave out awards (see photo above).

For some excellent photos, check out thewanderingeater/Flickr. And see further coverage here, here and here.

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