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The Early Word on Dell'Anima Offshoot Anfora

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West Village wine bar Anfora opened last month as an offshoot of the popular Italian restaurant Dell'Anima. Serving sustainable and bio-dynamic wines from around the world, as well as an assortment of bar snacks, the spot has quickly become a popular spot among the city's eco-conscious winos for lady dates. But does the bar's eco-focus mean for a less enjoyable wine bar experience? On to the early word:

The Snobby News: Over on the Mouthfuls forums, Sneakeater said although he was an enthusiast, Anfora may be too caught up in current wine trends: "The focus is exclusively on the current prevalent geek taste for "non-interventionist" wines (hence the name, since one sub-trend is to vinify in amphorae). There's nothing wrong with a wine bar's focusing on these wines. In fact, it's a good idea. But there's a downside, too. There's very little there that I don't have at home. And it follows from that that there's very little there that I don't know already. Unlike at Terroir, I don't learn anything from drinking there." [Mouthfuls]

The Good News: Over on Yelp, Arjun T. said that Anfora has a "superb" wine list and a good selection of cheese. "My only wish is that the selection of food was a bit more robust. However, seeing as how this place is founded by the crew from Dell'Anima, you can be assured the quality of the food meets expectation." [Yelp]

The 'OK' News: Yelper Johnny K. said that while he wanted to love Anfora, there were some issues that prevented it from being great. "This place is good, but could be great...They charge $3 for a tiny saucer of mixed nuts which they call the "Anfora mix." Really, you guys?? Are you serious? This identical item would be free at most bars and readily available to every guest who is paying $12-15 for a single drink. This felt very nickel-and-dimey to me. The other apps and such on the menu seemed ok but are prepared on the panini grill / toaster oven set-up rather than in a kitchen (from what I saw). The other negative about this place is that while the layout is inventive, it's also prone to odd traffic jams and inconvenient seating arrangements. For much of the night, I was squished in an awkward banquet, sitting side-by-side with my friends facing people's backs and rear-ends at the bar. I wasn't alone." [Yelp]

The Bad News: Boozy NYC writes that Anfora commits the Seven Deadly Restaurant Sins with its off putting atmosphere, too young wine, and poor wine pairings. [Boozy NYC]

The Mostly News: A note from the tipline: "The two times I have gone, the place has been packed (mostly with women). It's incredibly loud and the smells from the kitchen are pungent. But I like the place. The wine list is compelling and mostly affordable. And the snacks are pretty solid. Still, I would rather eat and drink next door at Dell'Anima. [Eater Tipline]


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34 8th Ave., New York, NY

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