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Neighbors Rally to Save the Endangered Fairway Cafe

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Fairway Cafe, the fiercely loved mini restaurant within the Upper West Side Fairway supermarket, is in danger of closing. A worker at the cafe confirms that there's been talk of converting it into a coffee department—bulk beans!—but that managers have yet to put the plans into motion or make any official announcements.

But yes, the locals have caught wind of this news and they are not happy. Hence, Save Fairway Cafe, a brightly colored comic sans plea to neighbors to rally behind the cafe and save it from the suits. "Let us prevent this planned closing from happening, and help keep this wonderful establishment in our fabulous neighborhood," it begs. We have yet to hear how Gael Greene is taking the news.
· Save Fairway Cafe [Official Site]
[photo credit: AG]

Fairway Cafe

2127 Broadway, New York, NY