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What $180 Doesn't Buy You at Omnivore Din: Clean Silverware

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Over the weekend, the folks behind Omnivore, an iconoclastic French restaurant guide, hosted pop up dinner events and cooking classes with famous European and American chefs. They took over the dining rooms at Wall & Water, Aldea, Corton, and Roberta's and served (and for the most part wowed) sold out crowds. And then there was the David Kinch/Petter Nilsson dinner at Brooklyn gallery and event space The Invisible Dog. Before reading this, try to remember how hot and sweaty it was this weekend:

For starters there was NO AIR CONDITIONING (and Friday night was hot, hot and steamy)...The bathroom if you can call it that was a dirty closet with a toilet in it and a sink outside, full of dirty dishes, with no soap or towels in evidence. There wasn't enough cutlery, so we were treated to our dirty utensils being replaced on the table after almost every course...The wine pours can best be described as mean, stingy, niggardly, miserly and totally inadequate...I said to our server at one point you need to bring this table some more wine. Right now. There's only one bottle left he said...I wonder if the table seating Ariane Daguin and Jay Cheses (sic) from TONY and his editor was as under-served as we were. I somehow doubt it. To add insult to injury at the end some more Omnivore people showed up, more wine was broken out, and none of us were offered a drop.
The price for this lovely affair: $180 a head. Gotta love pop ups.
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The Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY

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