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Poor Choices: Summer Intern Narcs on Bars To Impress Bosses

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Finding meaningful projects for summer interns can be difficult. Most of them sit around the office for ten weeks, doing menial tasks and just hoping that one or two real projects would come their way before they head back to college. So imagine how 20 year-old James Cahalan felt when his bosses at the NY Post asked him to head down to the East Village to try and either buy beer or grab a drink at 30 or so bars and bodegas that were previously cited for underage drinking. The young go-getter probably leaped at the chance to tackle the assignment, not realizing that the 17 places that sold Cahalan the booze would get their names and addresses in the paper.

His bosses also dropped a dime to the SLA, who told the Post that they will be "taking action against these folks", including Alphabet Lounge and Salt Bar. As for Cahalan, the young Woodward now has the distinction of personally outing bars and bodegas that were willing to sell beer to people without ID, which are also probably the same places that his friends would visit during their summer. That is if he has any friends left after this stunt. But if this whole newspaper thing doesn't work out, there is definitely a future career for James Cahalan on a community board.
· Underage Post Intern Scores Bar Brews [NYP]
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