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A Look at the Already Mobbed, Five Day-Old Totto Ramen

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[Krieger, 6/4/10]

Totto Ramen, the sliver of a space from the Yakitori Totto owners, opened just last Thursday and already there are 45 minute waits, 11 reviews on Yelp, and an assessment from the Village Voice. So far, the early word is middling to good, but note the 16 seat space is only serving ramen for the time being. Other dishes like chicken wings and buns will come next month, once they're more settled. Until then, expect $10 bowls of murky, minimalist ramen that one early goer calls a "restrained, almost elegant, bowl of soup."
· Ramen Totto [Official Site]

Totto Ramen

366 West 52nd St., New York, NY

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