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The Rum House, a Midtown Bar of Another Era, Loses Lease

Krieger, 7/1/09

Lost City reports that The Rum House inside the Edison Hotel in Times Square, will close at the end of this year after losing its lease. Here's how Robert Simonson described the place when it made his A Beer At column last year:

The Rum House, at 228 West 47th Street, is one of the few low-down, no-frills, on-the-cheap bars left in the Theatre District. But, unlike fellow survivors like Jimmy’s Corner, it’s never been particularly celebrated. It’s also an example of that midtown rarity: a hotel bar with a discernible personality. The Rum House is part of Edison Hotel, and, like the Café Edison—its diner neighbor just across the lobby—it seems to belong to an earlier, most raffish Times Square era.
Click here to read the column in full.
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The Rum House

228 West 47th Street, Manhattan, NY 10036 Visit Website

The Rum House

228 West 47th St., New York, NY