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White, Pelaccio, Brown to Lend Hand at Chodorow's Food Parc

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Back in January, we heard that Jeffrey Chodorow was courting some big name chefs for his futuristic 20,000 square foot food court, called Food Parc, in Eventi, the new Kimpton Hotel. Michael White was mentioned, as was Chinatown Brasserie's Joe Ng, Chris Cannon, and Zak Pelaccio. Now it's a rumor no more. Check out this excerpt from New York Wine & Food Festival event listing:

Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow will also showcase his concept food court that serves a special blended burger (No.7 Hanger Blend) with gourmet bacons, Joe Ng's imaginative dumplings, unique pizza bianca wraps, specialties from chefs such as Michael White (Norwegian meatballs), Ed Brown (clam chowder and lobster rolls) and Zak Pelaccio (Asian barbeque) real home-made chocolate pudding, and much more.
Pizza wraps? Norwegian meatballs from White? Much more? To be honest, we're mostly excited about the pudding cart.
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Food Parc

835 6th Ave., New York, NY