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Good News: June Is Alsace Wines Month


June is Alsace Wines Month, which is good news for New Yorkers. June 3rd through the 24th, eight wine shops around the city will feature in-store tastings, where you can discover the joy that is Alsace wines. Aromatic and fresh, these wines from north-eastern France combine lovely, unoaked fruit character with a touch of minerality. And since they're from one of the most northerly wine regions in Europe, they come with the sort of finesse and complexity that makes other wines blush.

Most important for Eater readers, Alsace wines are food-friendly. The balance of fruit and acidity across all the Alsace varietals—Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer—ensures that there is an Alsace wine for every moment in the meal. For the optimal pairings for some of those moments, check out these suggestions from the experts at Just Add Food, the home of Alsace wines in the U.S. and on the web.