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Labor Protesters Target Shake Shack Upper West Side

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Earlier today, a group of workers from the New York City District Council of Carpenters were standing outside the Shake Shack UWS (as they did last Friday), passing out bright yellow fliers adorned with rats which stated that Danny Meyer and Co. were contributing to the poor state of working conditions by employing Elmhardt Construction. According to their claims, the construction company pays substandard wages for its employees and denies them family health benefits.

When reached for a comment, the Union Square Hospitality Group had this to offer:

The current picketing is unrelated to our Shake Shack team and operations. We regret that the information being disseminated is inaccurate. At all of our locations we use licensed experienced and highly reputable general contractors who adhere to strict “state of the industry” labor and safety standards.
A local suspects it's a union/non-union issue.
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Shake Shack UWS

366 Columbus Ave., New York, NY‎

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