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Zagat Releases 2010/11 Nightlife Guide

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2010_06_NYCNite_3D_1011.jpgThe Zagat 2010/11 NYC Nightlife Guide is shipping today, and in a shocker, 230 Fifth took home this year's top spot as the Most Popular Venue, with Campbell Apartment, 1 OAK, Brother Jimmy's and the Four Seasons Hotel Bar rounding out the rest of the top five. The Jane and Ace Hotel lobby bars are two of the top five newcomers. Unfortunately for Zagat, the book went to press before Disney announced that ESPN Zone was dunzo: the sports bar came in at 39. Over in Brooklyn, relative newcomer d.b.a. Brooklyn was ranked #1, followed by Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Bowl, Waterfront Ale House and Clover Club. Most interesting were the actual results of the survey.

According to the survey results, the average price of a drink continues to creep upward, now at a hefty $10.78. Thursday is the most popular night to go out (36%), besting the normally popular Friday (22%) and Saturday (27%) nights. There must be a lot of unproductive employees on Friday mornings! As for the mixology trend, 46% of people surveyed think it's "just an excuse to charge people more for drinks." They may be on to something. In a non shocker, the MePa, LES and East Village were the three most popular nightlife destinations in New York, although 36% of people surveyed thought midtown nightlife was making a comeback.
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230 Fifth

230 Fifth Ave., New York, NY