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Chipotle-Like Pasta Chain Hello Pasta Opens Next Week

Here's one for the Midtowners. Hello Pasta, a project from Laurent Lesort (brother to Frederick) will open the first of 10 planned storefronts on Lexington between 54th and 55th on July 7. What's the gimmick with this one? "Think Chipotle, only made-to-order varieties of pasta with myriad sauces, ready to go in a carton in several minutes." All kinds of pasta, all kinds of sauces, a lunchtime carboload for under $10.

And they don't need to see results to know it will succeed. The chain is already planning on opening one location every month for the next four months. Next up: ten blocks south in Midtown, Fidi, and the Bryant Park environs.

Meanwhile, Midtown's other fast food innovator, 4 Food, won't open until August.
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Hello Pasta

649 Lexington Ave., New York, NY