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Construction Begins on Massive New Midtown Location of STK

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Demo and construction are in full swing for the new 9,000 sq. ft. STK Midtown: The barren and unwelcoming Grace Plaza, tucked away on a shadowy corner behind the big Grace Building at 1114 Sixth Avenue across from the new B of A Tower, is now fenced off. Behind the barriers they've hauled away the trees and started to peel away hunks of travertine from Grace's big backside. Word on the street is that some of the plaza's public space will be traded for alfresco dining. Architect Richard H. Lewis (finding some time between all his McNally projects and that new one at 245 Bowery) has filed for a Place of Assembly at DOB (so far not yet approved), showing that STK is aiming for occupancy of 218 carnivores.
· Giant STK Location Coming Soon to Bryant Park's Grace Building [~ENY~]

STK Midtown

1114 Sixth Ave., New York, NY

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