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Tribeca Food Cart Stands up to 'Gangsters' at Plein Sud

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Looks like a lack of a liquor license isn't the only problem facing Plein Sud, the new Frederick Lesort restaurant in the Smyth hotel in Tribeca. A tipster sends in a photo of a sign posted right next to the building on the nearby halal cart. It reads:

Hi Gangsters of Plein Sud. Guess What!! We are not moving from our spot. Since they started working on their "fancy" restaurant the owners and the managers of Plein Sud Restaurant started a campaign of intimidation and harassment against our beloved food cart.
The Plein Sud Gangsters used a mix of connections with NYPD, FDNY, and the Health Department and tried to move us from our spot of 3 years. And they failed : D Why?? Because we are perfectly legal and that's not stopping them. So we wanted to tell them that's not the way it works in TRIBECA. Maye in France.
Such nastiness for such a genteel neighborhood! It's starting to sound like Midtown down there. Heads up high, gentlemen.
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Plein Sud

85 West Broadway, New York, NY 10007 Visit Website

Plein Sud

85 West Broadway, New York, NY

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