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Ryan Skeen Does a Keg Stand, Launches a Cooking Class

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Want to see the photo? Of course you do! Also, click through to see the cool cooking classes chef Ryan Skeen has planned for his Harlem restaurant 5 & Diamond (because keg stand mockery goes hand in hand with generous plugs around here—it's only fair).

The stand:
[Photo by Flickr/j0annie]
[Photo by Flickr/j0annie]

And now, Skeen explains that next Monday he is starting the first of a bi-weekly supper club/cooking class at the 5 & Diamond. The invite:

The 5 & Diamond Supper Club invites you to join Chef Ryan Skeen

to a Spring Lamb Fest

on Monday, June 7th at 7:00 pm.

Learn to butcher, prep, cook and serve lamb
in a variety of dishes from smoked-lamb
to braised lamb neck and cavatelli w/ ramps and morels.

Dinner includes:
Five courses

Wine, beer and specialty cocktail pairings

A rep from Fossil Farms will speak about sustainable local farms and their importance to our communities

Printed recipes

$55 per person

Group size limited

· @Wunien [Twitter]

5 & Diamond

2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY