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Disaster Strikes West Village as Magnolia Bakery Loses AC

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A potential shortage of Carrie Bradshaw cupcakes looms, as a tipster reveals that Magnolia Bakery has no air conditioning just as temps reach the high 80s. Anyone who has been in the cupcakerie in the summertime knows it's a virtual sweatbox anyway, but now it is even more hellish. The signage above reveals that the old jalopy of an AC that the bakery once had died, and the bakery has to wade through the city's red tape—way to be efficient, once again, city of New York—to get a new system installed. Thank goodness the SATC tour bus already switched teams to Billy's.
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Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014 Visit Website

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St., New York, nY

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