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Josh Capon to Appear on Spike TV's Kitchen Nightmares Ripoff

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The Post reports that Josh Capon, chef at Lure and winner of last year's Burger Bash in New York will appear in a new Spike TV reality show On the Rocks. A ripoff of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, this new show focuses on struggling taverns and bars, and in the pilot, Capon upgrades the menu at a dive in Monclair, NJ called South Park.

When the show was first announced, Spike reported that John Taffer "America's leading restaurant and bar consultant" would be leading the show with his "in-your-face" style and method of management called Taffer Dynamics, "which employs everything from undercover work to state of the art science such as eye tracking technology, monitoring of body temperature and even reading pheromone output in patrons." Intense!
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South Park Bar & Grill

30 S Park St., Montclair, NJ

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