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Barber, Chang, Bloomfield to Rep NY in Le Fooding Faceoff

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The puppeteers at Le Fooding, the French food movement that seeks to modernize gastronomy and periodically comes to New York to cause mischief in pursuit of this goal, plans to manipulate a quasi-fabricated, largely verbal rivalry between East and West Coast chefs to popularize their movement in the US. As mentioned earlier, they have arranged a competition pitting some of the best chefsfrom San Francisco and New York against each other in an epic battle to take place in Queens at Le Grand Fooding 2010. And now the lineup has been announced.

Competing in categories like pizzas, burgers, and cocktails, the competition will allow at least one of the chefs to put their money where their mouth has already been. David Chang famously joked last year that "every restaurant in San Francisco is serving figs on a plate with nothing on it," and got himself banned from some Bay Area restaurants.

You'll have to wait til the end of September to see if the Chang Gang comes out victorious, or if the West Coast crew takes top honors, but in the meantime, here's the roster:

Chang, Meehan, Barber! >>

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