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Affordable East Village Resto Knife + Fork Finally Succumbs

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For anyone familiar with the sweet, sleepy East 4th Street restaurant Knife + Fork, it will come as no huge shock to learn the place has closed after four years in business. It's not that it wasn't good eating. Chef Damian Brassel served up mostly decent, often good, and frequently overly ambitious food. But it was a restaurant that was hardly ever packed, despite its exceedingly cheap $45 six course tasting menu and $24 three course prix fixe. Perhaps the price point was too low for serious diners—who are suspicious of too good to be true scenarios—while the food was too serious for those looking for a casual dinner out. But still, a sad passing. Stay tuned to find out which pizza place will take its space.
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Knife + Fork

104 East 4th St., New York, NY