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The 10 Worst, Yet Most Entertaining, NY Restaurant Websites

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10) San Loco: All the charm of a mezcal-induced fever dream, in website form.
9) Thunder Jackson's: The site's photo gallery depicts a world where women breathe fire, men only drink beer out of glass boots and everyone has red-eye.
8) Rickshaw Dumpling Bar: A heady mix of dumpling truisms, culinary history, haunted house sounds, suggestive photography, half-hearted endorsements, the Cure, Phoenix, and the Cranberries.
7) Tao: To enter, you must first learn how to make a paper crane.
6) Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria: Curating the bottle wall clearly took precedence over building the website.

5) Terroir: Believe it or not, the site is usually even more seizure-inducing than it is right now.
4) B.R. Guest Homepage: Vaguely reminiscent of a travel site for Rehoboth Beach vacation packages.
3) Morimoto: A mashup of an MTA poster, a Capri Sun ad, Iron Chef, and outer space.
2) Buddakan: Like the Inception trailer, but with summer rolls.
1) Pita Pan: Either the best or the worst restaurant website, depending on whether or not you like the official Pita Pan theme song.
Got any to add to the list? By all means, drop them in the comments.

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