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Meatopia and Frankies Cookbook Winners; More Giveaways

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Every once in awhile, Eater gives away goodies, and oftentimes spills bonus content, on our handy email newsletter. Last month, we offered up 10 Frankies cookbooks and on Friday, we put five Meatopia tickets on the auction block. Today, we'll give away a copy of In the Sweet Kitchen, an exhaustive tome for bakers. To find out how to win this (and future prizes), sign up below. Otherwise, click through to see the winners.

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The challenge: to write a haiku about barbecue. The contestants got creative with the haiku rules but these were the best of the bunch.

1) meats dally before the heat
nose inhales, fork buoyed, two lips part
airily wafting smoke, eyes cringe

2) nothing can compete with
a good old hearty bbq
moods change
smiles appear
bbq rules

3) Charcoal and sizzle
Fall off the bone meat
Summertime fun, yay!

BBQ haiku.
I hope I win a ticket!
Let us eat some meat.

4) On a lukewarm grill,
Meat takes hours. So I drink
Til sloppy, in flames.

5) Governors Island
Ultimate Subway Series
Yankees versus Meats

Frankies Cookbook:
The challenge: Either write in about a favorite Frankies dish or a favorite stoner moment. The five best of each won.

Stoner Moments:
1) Favorite Stoner Food Moment: The Mac N Cheese at Henry Public. It was blizzarding, I was cold, blitzed and managed to eat two of these, and a grilled cheese. And I'm a 5'6 girl.

2) My stoner food moment occurred at the Red Horse Cafe in Park Slope. I was equally hungover and stoned. I went in for an iced coffee. I ordered and the barista started putting what looked like cold turds in my cup. I inquired and they're frozen coffee cubes so my iced coffee would not dilute when the ice melted. I know it wasn't audible but it felt like my brain exploded from prospect to central. 3 years later i still can't wrap my head around it... and neither can many coffee shops! So awesome.

3) My best NYC stoner food moment was last summer, eating a slice of spinach and artichoke pizza from Artichoke Basille's at 2 am, then heading back to my apartment where my roommate and I dug into the Momofuku crack pie we had bought the day before (and appropriately dipped it in Momofuku cereal milk). Heaven.

4) The best stoner food movement is definitely dumplings. Dumplings are everywhere. You can pick them up, dunk them and eat them with your right hand with a blunt undisturbed in your left. I love dumplings all the time, but when you're stoned they're like little pouches of heaven. They're also so cheap, and can be a meal or just a snack, what stoner wouldn't love those characteristics? Sitting or on the go. Chopsticks, forks or hands. Pork, chicken, duck, veggie... Dumplings. Yes.

5) Buying a mesh bag full of very ripe mangoes in Chinatown and getting totally messy.There's still nothing better...

Frankies Faves:

1) I really need the recipe for the Frankies Meatballs. They are amazing in every way. Light, and full of flavor (pine nuts and raisins, who would have thought), covered with just enough sauce, and a smattering of pecorino. I need the recipe bad. I live in Morningside Heights, so 17 (LES) and 457 (Brooklyn) are a destination spot, but unfortunately not in my neighborhood. If I have the book, then I can enjoy the Frankies Meatballs anytime inspiration strikes.

2) The Frankies cavatelli with sage and brown butter is truly fantastic...I've tried to imitate it without huge success. The night my husband and I got engaged, we devoured a plateful & I'd love to make it for our anniversary...(well, the day after our anniversary. We're spending our anniversary at a sweaty August wedding in Atlanta...)

3) Best dish is obviously the eggplant marinara and mozzarella sandwich. And their brocolli raab antipasta is perfect to start. Give me that book now!

4) My favorite dish at Frankies is (crazy as it may sound) the greens with cipollini onion vinaigrette. How can the most simple salad be so absurdly delicious?

5) My favorite dish at Frankie's is not a dish but an event. My wife and I held our wedding reception in the garden building there June 14th., 2008. Although we were hardly able to eat a bite, we were told by all of our guests that not only was the food amazing for a wedding reception (not difficult); but amazing period. Our wedding budget was very meager by NYC standards so being able to give back a gift like good food to our friends and loved one's made it memorable.

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