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No Shorts Allowed at Strange Newcomer Rabbit in the Moon

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It's obvious by looking at the place that new 'gastropub' Rabbit in the Moon is a strange duck. Just look at the decor, or the fake ivy. But here's something even more unusual: it has a dress code! Last night, a friend of Eater showed up at the restaurant for dinner around 10 PM. Given the 90 degree day, he was wearing shorts. Big no no:

I was wearing perfectly good pressed Bermuda shorts and the bouncer outside looked me up and down and then said I couldn't go in because I wasn't dressed 'properly.' A gastropub with a bouncer -- the place is a nightclub masquerading as a restaurant, for sure.
Rabbit (can we just call you Rabbit?): unless this is a MePa/Chelsea nightclub, a private club, Campbell Apartment, or a very, very high end restaurant, you probably shouldn't have a dress code. Or a bouncer.
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Rabbit in the Moon

47 West 8th St., New York, NY

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