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New Bill Gives Edge to NIMBYS in Neighborhood Noise Wars

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State Senator Daniel Squadron continues his one man campaign to bring sanity to nightlife regulations. First was a strengthening of the 500 foot rule, followed by changes to how the SLA actually measures distances for licenses. Now, Squadron has helped push through a bill that would revoke a liquor license if the “police referred six or more noise or disorder incidents to the SLA within a 60-day period.” This apparently closed a loophole in the law that let the bar off the hook if no one could prove that the establishment was responsible, which community boards felt was almost impossible. This was the Le Souk defense, which was successful for a hot minute until it wasn't. But what new loopholes does this law create?
It seems like a bunch . . .

It seems like a neighbor with a beef can simply call the local police precinct every single night and lodge a complaint about a bar they would like to see go away. The police aren’t required to write a ticket and send it to the SLA, but they are bound to find something wrong if they are forced to look often enough. This new law seems to reduce a license holder’s ability to defend themselves against a neighbor who is sick of living above or near a bar. It now sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.
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