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TGI Friday's Certified Open in Union Square

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34 Union Square East, Union Square
Status: Was open to the public last night

Well that was fast. Just two weeks after the first signage went up in Union Square, TGI Friday's has opened and now joins Filene's Basement, Babies 'R' Us, and Barnes 'n' Noble in the strip-mallification of Union Square. A walkby last night around 10 PM revealed about a dozen diners in the restaurant and a handful of bright, shining (like beacons across the square!) TVs. And for a little color, a banner under the restaurant's awning beckons New Yorkers to join them for Gay Pride this Sunday—"Friday's is Coming Out in Union Square"—for a jazz brunch and a happy hour. Oh, it's so New York!

Eaters, we'll see you there at lunch for some loaded potato skins and a Jack Daniel's® Championship Slider Sampler.
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TGI Friday's

34 Union Square East, New York, NY