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Just One More Look at TGI Friday's Union Square Invasion

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Because the picture earlier today just didn't do it justice, and because excessive TGI Friday's coverage can only be met with glee from the readers, our TGI correspondent Pete Davies files this report:

If I'd not been totally hungover from an over-indulgence of the appropriately named Jack Daniels Flat Iron Black Angus steak (not to mention the three free refills of Red Bull Passion Slush), this update would have been filed sooner ...

As reported earlier today, there's TGIF overload on Union Square East, where Friday never ends (as proclaimed out front, "In Here It's Always Friday"). And this Sunday promises to be gayer than a $10.95 disco brunch. Meanwhile, hungry folks inside are enjoying the World Cup (and a bit of tennis). Parent company Riese has also taken over every illegal parking spot in the vicinity. Clearly TGIFs now rules, so get over it.
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TGI Friday's

34 Union Square East, New York, NY