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Booze is Flowing but Food Will Have to Wait at Casa Mezcal

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[Krieger, 6/22/10]

Casa Mezcal, the three story Mexican restaurant, bar, art house, cinema, and community center, promised back in December '08, partially opened late last month on Orchard between Grand and Broome. The owners tell Eater they haven't been able to launch a food menu in that time—which will include all kinds of tacos are larger plates—because they're still waiting to have the gas turned on. Tragic. But the mezcals, pricey cocktails, and free tapas (fried spicy grasshoppers!) are flowing and that tacky Mexican festival decor has to be worth something. So far, early reviews are fairly mixed, but we'll know for sure once they fire up the grills and get their whole full concept in gear. Until then, send early reviews our way.

Casa Mezcal

86 Orchard Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 777-2661 Visit Website

Casa Mezcal

86 Orchard St., New York, NY