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Annisa Rises From the Dead, Retains Two Stars Status

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Julie Dentities

Today, The Siftonator awards two stars to the re-launch of Anita Lo's West Village restaurant Annisa, noting the food there is some of the best work of her career. The wine list is a letdown, as are the desserts, but overall the cooking here is excellent—well executed, not flashy—the dining room, serene:

A plate of delicate, pinkish veal tenderloin with artichokes showed this plainly, dressed up not simply with pillowy, crisp-edged sweetbreads but also with oysters and a sauce of black truffles. There was sweetness to it as well as hints of brine, and a funky earthiness to counter both textures, soft and rough...

...fluke with caviar and beets brought the same happy laughter you hear drifting out of car windows at beach-town sunsets: the salty pop of the fish eggs set softly against the sweet, fresh flesh of the fish, with a snap of beet sugar to tie it all together.

Annisa may not be boisterous, fun, and exciting but it "remains a destination for grown-up and serious restaurant-goers, both for its cooking and the experience of eating it." [NYT]

Meanwhile, Jay Cheshes is completely blown away by Annisa: "While her colleagues, in collective retrenchment, all appear to be stuck in the same comfort-food rut, Lo takes a singular stand for old-fashioned refinement...Lo’s food, complex and audacious, is unlike any other you’ll find in New York." [TONY]

Alan Richman notes the food isn't all terrible at Print, but the menus have to go: "The real problem at Print is those menus. They're just plain dumb. I don't believe I've ever seen a restaurant so determined to pursue mediocrity...Rodriguez shows promise, but the menus are badly in need of coherence, to say nothing of editing." [GQ]

Ryan Sutton gets gustatory ennui at Kenmare: "Kenmare’s otherwise savvy brain trust -- Paul Sevigny of the erstwhile Beatrice Inn, Nur Khan of Rose Bar -- have given New York a fair, forgettable restaurant, another mess hall-cum- social club (see also: Waverly Inn, Monkey Bar, The Lion)." [Bloomberg]

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98 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 274-9898

The Commodore

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13 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 741-6699 Visit Website


13 Barrow St., New York, NY