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City Seeks High End Food Carts for Tavern on the Green

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This is what it's come to. Now that the plans to reopen iconic Central Park restaurant Tavern on the Green are officially stalled, the city is seeking high end food vendors to move into the property. At a Community Board 7 meeting, the Parks Department revealed they're soliciting bids for four food vendors serving "slightly more high-quality food." The contracts will last for one year with an option for renewal—a sign that the city doesn't expect to find a new TOTG operator anytime soon—and there's the possibility of a liquor license. Meanwhile, the city is planning a bike rental operation for the restaurant's parking lot.

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Tavern on The Green

67th St. Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 212-877-TOTG Visit Website

Tavern on the Green

West 67th St. & Central Park West, New York, NY