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Sietsema Calls Josh Ozersky Unethical, Unfair in Open Letter

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Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema runs an open letter to one time blogger and current TIME columnist (and sometimes Eater contributor) Josh Ozersky calling out some ethical issues with a recent article.

How it breaks down: Josh Ozersky held his wedding last month on the rooftop of Jeffrey Chodorow's Empire Hotel. Ozersky's chef friends Michael White, Jim Lahey, Ed Schoenfeld, Michael Psilakis provided the food. After the wedding, Ozersky penned an article on TIME's website raving about the spread and name dropping the chefs, while disparaging run of the mill caterers. He doesn't mention whether or not he paid for the food or digs. Not cool, says Sietsema:

Well, leaving open the possibility that you accepted free food without acknowledging it, and then praising the food to the skies -- as you praised it -- looks bad. One of the assumptions the reader might make is that you'd promised these chefs, many of whom do high-end catering and expect big bucks for it, to mention them in your magazine column. If you did, I would think Time would take a dim view of that.
And that is just the beginning of his Cutlets critique. Click through for the whole dress down.
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